Novel problems require novel solutions...

As a creative I have always tried to get stuck into a number of roles on set. Hopefully my ten years of working in the studio can help your company through this strange and challenging time for our industry. Although working alone on a shoot can not substitute for the talents of a full team of creatives,  I endeavour to ensure all parts of the shooting process are considered in order to make the images delivered as close to the quality you would expect on a regular shoot. 

For over ten years I have worked in studio photography and am able to deliver a number of different lighting styles depending on your brands needs. Please send over example images of your requirements in order for me to quote you appropriately. 

I have been modeling for over three years and have worked with brands all over the world including NEXT, ASOS, Adidas and MyProtein. Let me know what kind of mood and movements you are looking for ahead of time to ensure the feel of your images is right for your products. 

As a photographer I have access to a private studio which can be booked out. This comes equipped with industry standard kit and camera.

Please tell me your requirements with regards to styling, important garment features and logo placements to ensure that your products are shown off to their highest potential. 

I am able to steam and press any items to ensure minimal retouching is required.

As its important for you to still uphold your brands signature style and ensure that your products look as good as they can, I am able to connect with you via video chat during the shoot and make sure you are happy with the products as they are being shot.